Thursday, August 5, 2010

There is No Place Like Nebraska

This past month has been such an exciting one. Jesse, the kids, and I packed up our stuff and headed out west to Nebraska on July 1st. Jesse took a little over a week of leave to spend with us out there before making his way back to Dayton. During the week he spent with us we hit up the Lake, The Lincoln Children's Museum, and Chuck E Cheese. It was great having the whole family spend time together. Jess had to report home soon there after, because he was due to start his new job he will be at for six months (starting with nights). I had made a prior commitment to help out with my 10-year high school reunion, so Jesse and I made the decision that I would just stay back with the kiddos and spend some much needed time with my family before the big 1-0 reunion (I'm doing a separate post about stayed tuned).

It was great having the time with my family, because normally we would only probably get to see them twice a year if that. My mom set up a kiddie pool in the backyard, so W, P-man, and I spent a lot of time out there. We got to visit the Lincoln Children's Zoo, as well as an outdoor concert for kiddos put on by the Lincoln Children's Museum called Music and Mozzarella (there was pizza involved as well). If you can't tell, Lincoln is extremely family oriented with tons of stuff to do, hence the reason why I miss it so much. It was also great being able to catch up with our great friends as well, we miss you all so much! All and all it was a great vacation and we were able to spend the much needed time with everyone. Plus, P-man got to meet his great-great grandparents for the first time. Here are just a few pics from our trip. :)


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