Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fluff is the new Jimmy Choo

Okay, so I've actually never owned a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. However, it seems as my addiction to, etc has been replaced by my addiction for cloth diapers. Coach, Nordstroms, Victoria's Secret websites have been pushed down to the bottom with Kelly's Closet, Cotton Babies, and various cloth diapering blogs being at the top of my list now. If there was a Fluff Anonymous, I would totally be attending meetings, in fact, I may even be president! My husband can contest to my excitement every time I see a new pattern, color, or fluff on sale!

We are almost to our 3 month cloth diapering anniversary, and making the switch from 'sposies has been the best decision I could have ever made. I love researching the different brands, the different types, the colors, and where I can find amazing deals. It's an obsession really. I look at my stash from 3 months ago, and it was quite pathetic, but now I have almost 20 diapers now. Fuzzibunz, BumGenius (AIO's and pockets), Happy Heinys, GroVia AIO, prefolds, Thirstie covers, Tiny Tush fitted, are amongst our collection and under $200. Over half of our fluff was bought at 50% off. It's definitely an investment, but isn't almost anything that's going to last for a long time (and of amazing quality)? We have yet to find a cloth diaper that leaks or is an uncomfortable fit for P-man (if I find one, I will definitely let you know). We still haven't tried any WAHM diapers, but will hopefully soon be adding one or two or three to our collection.

I may not have a closet filled with Jimmy Choo, but I have a baby boy who is stylin' in his fluff. There is nothing wrong with a fluff butt!


  1. Hi, I'm a soon to be mom and am looking into diaper options. I came across your blog and have a random question about cloth diapers. What if you are at a restaurant, or just out and about w/ your child, and they have a poopy diaper. Is it a huge inconvenience? I'm assuming you have to go somewhere w/ a sink, to rinse it off, then carry it around in the diaper bag, until you get home? I love the idea of cloth diapers but I'm just fearful of being out in public, or not at my house, and the diaper gets filled with poo. Can you give me some input?

  2. Cloth diapering has definitely come a long way. I finally made the switch when my baby was 7.5 months old. You can definitely cloth diaper while you're out and about. You need to get a "wet bag", and we use Planet's a good size bag that is lined and zips up. You just place the soiled diaper in there, and then just toss in the laundry when you get home. Please let me know if I can help you any further...I did a ton of research, in fact I'm still researching. Thanks so much for stopping by, I love having new readers.

  3. Thanks so much for replying!
    So this wet bag, does it seal up the smell? And do you mean, if it's a poopy diaper, I can just throw it on in there, or do I need to go find a place to rinse off the diaper, before I throw it in the wet bag? Sorry if these seem like silly questions! First time mom, (soon to be) and I'm still learning a lot! And does the bag help seal up the smell???

  4. Oh, girl, no worries...ask as many questions as you want. Yes, the wet bags do a fabulous job holding in any smell...and yes I just throw a soiled poopy diaper in the bag and deal with it when I get home. I'm not sure if you are planning to breastfeed or not, but breastfeeding poops are water soluble, so all you to do is just throw in the wash straight from the wet bag.