Monday, January 10, 2011

It's a Fluffy World

Our purchase from Samozrejme

For those of you who are probably tapping their chins in confusion, "fluff" is also known as cloth diapers. I've been highly interested in cloth diapering since I was pregnant with W. We even purchased a few "Kushies", and honestly wasn't too fond of them at all. They felt like an overpriced swim diaper. So, we just used disposable. After P-man came, I was noticing a lot of my friends were either using fluff on their babes or making the switch. It caught my attention, and I began researching the different types (something I didn't do before). I didn't realize there was so much to choose from...prefolds and covers, AIO's or All In Ones, pockets, hybrid, fitted, sleeve, and one-sized to just name a "few". The top brands that caught my eye were FuzziBunz, BumGenius, and Thirsties. I really wanted to order a few, but the hubby thought it would be a better to find a store that carries the brands we were interested in, so we can get a good feel of what we think would work best on P-man. Jesse and I loaded the kiddos in the car and we head to Samozrejme, a one-stop-shop for cloth diapers and accessories. The ladies there were so helpful, and really knew their fluff. They pointed us in the direction of the FuzziBunz, which they thought was a good starter diaper. The also had them on sale, since they were getting ready to introduce new colors, etc. The FuzziBunz are a pocket diaper that have snap closures, perfect starter for both the hubby and I. We ended up leaving the store with a few FuzziBunz, inserts, prefolds, and Thirties and about $89.00 spent.

Speaking of the "hard cash", that's the one, I would say, downfall to cloth diapering. It's definitely an investment, with a lot money spent up front, however in the long run you're not only saving mula, but helping the environment as well. Jesse and I have done a good job "investing" in our diapers by purchasing a few at a time, wonderful friends letting us borrow theirs, and of course, stalking different "deal websites" for specials. Oh, and keeping your eyes peeled for giveaways. I just recently won a giveaway over at We have around 15 dipes now, and I would eventually like to have at least 30. That way, I don't have to do the laundry every evening. Oh...the laundry...I almost forgot to mention another "downfall" to making the switch. This is coming from someone who despises laundry, it really isn't that bad. The only part I dislike is removing the poo from them, which sometimes requires some rubber gloves and elbow grease. We, unfortunately, don't have a diaper sprayer (a device you hook up to your toilet to spray the waste away from a cloth diaper), so we just use the sink (of course heavy bleaching takes place after). I'm hoping to purchase a sprayer to make it easier, but again it's an investment of around $45.00. It's pretty easy "disposing" the diaper into a laundry bin with a liner. Washing is a piece of cake, a few cycles in the wash (I have a front loader) and then you can either place in the dryer on low or line dry...both have their benefits.

Right now, I'm "patiently" waiting on some fluffy mail from Kelly's Closet (I have her button on the right side of my block, check her out). Both Jesse and I are very glad we made the switch to fluff, even though Patrick has been in disposables for most of his young life. It's really never too late to switch.