Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Letter of the Week Curriculum - Letter A

Today is the second day working on our "Letter of the Week Curriculum", and the letter of the week is A. With the help from friends and my wonderful sister-in-law, I've been given some awesome resources and websites to get started on W's early childhood education.

Today, we worked on more letter A recognition and tracing. I'm teaching W about the difference between "big A" (capital A) and "little a" (lowercase a). I found a tree template with apples...I put a capital A on three apples, and a lowercase a on two apples... he then had to match them up with the letters on the tree (pictured below).

W definitely had fun doing this project. After making the apple tree, W really wanted to work on his writing. So, I found a worksheet where he can practice writing the letter A by tracing it. I helped him place the crayon in his hand, and told him what I wanted him to do. He did fabulous! He traced the letter A with no problem. He then looked at me, confused, and goes, "where is the little a?". So, I made him a traceable "a". After he traced it, he went to the bottom of his paper and wrote his first lowercase a. I was so proud of him, and we both just shouted with joy! I can't believe how much W is picking up and we're only on day 2. He's doing such a good job recognizing the letter A, and I can really tell when we read books (picking and pointing out each "a"). I'm having such a wonderful time teaching W and preparing him for preschool and kindergarten. It's so much fun watching them grow and learn new things. **The first photo is W's first lowercase "a"**


  1. Leyna,
    Those crafts/activities look great! I love matching the apple to the a's on the trees. As an early childhood teacher, I just have one suggestion. It's really hard for kids to correctly grip large crayons/pencils. It's also VERY hard to fix an incorrect grip! If you trust him, let him use the skinnier ones or twistables by Crayola which are like pencils...another idea for him to get the idea is to use rice, sugar, flour, shaving/whip cream, to write letters in-you can use cookie tray, it works perfect! I've got lots of other Kindergarten type tips, feel free to contact me if you have questions! BUt, most of all-HAVE FUN! (Which it looks like you're doing!)

  2. Thanks so much for the tip, Becky! I appreciate it so much. I will definitely keep all that in mind, and will definitely use you as a source if I have any questions. ;)