Tuesday, February 1, 2011

B is for playdough?

Nah, but we sure had fun today with playdough and learning about the letter B. We had to take last week off from our "Letter of the Week" curriculum, because we just had so much going on in regards to playdates, errands, appointments, etc. This week, we're back in the swing of things. My printer is pretty much out of black ink, so I was only able to print one worksheet off, so I was researching the Internet to try and find a fun activity that would be fun and enjoyable for W. A friend had pointed me to a website called, "No Time For Flash Cards". They have a ton of activities, especially with letters, numbers, etc. Oh, did I mention that it's free?!

After we did our introductory worksheet, which can be found at, Alphabet Preschool Activities and Crafts. I decided W need to work on his fine motor skills, so I found a fun playdough activity that included letters. I was inspired to do this activity from a post over at No Time For Flash Cards. The name of the activity is called, "Playdough Snake Letters". I helped and showed W how to roll the playdough to make a "snake", and then I wrote both B and b on a white piece of paper with a black marker. Then he took the playdough and traced the shape of the letter. W had a ton of fun doing this activity, plus it was different. After he worked on his letter, I got out some fun kitchen utensils and he was able to practice cutting, etc.

I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of our week (we'll be home bound until further notice due to an ice storm that graced us with its presents last night). I just hope we can get some black ink, so we can do more worksheets and a fun bee activity I have planned. I guess if all else fails, I will just make us some homemade lacing letters. I knew learning was fun, but teaching my child is even better!


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