Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I dragged my butt back into the gym for the first time in two months...and I feel like a million dollars. After Jess left for South Korea, I was hitting the gym 5 sometimes 6 days a week for almost 2 hours at a time. I ended up losing close to 50 lbs and that was on exercise alone. I still kick myself for not changing my diet too, as I know there would have been a bigger end result. Anywho, after not being able to workout during my pregnancy with Patrick (due to low lying placenta and contractions), I gained pretty much all the weight I had lost the year prior. As soon as I got the okay from my OBGYN to work out (6 weeks post op from a csection), I was signing up at our local YMCA.

I really like the Y they have here (not as good as the Cooper Y in Lincoln), because they have a wide variety of classes. One of my favorites, Zumba. I just love being able to shake my bon bon and burn calories, 800+ to be exact. It's also great being in a group setting, because I feel like I'm being pushed more by others to keep up. For being on a two month hiatus, I did a pretty good job keeping up, but had to improvise towards the end due to a sore knee.

I'm hoping to stick with the program and lose the weight, because I love the feeling of accomplishments. Did I mention it's a great way to get two hours to myself, and for self-improvement none the less? I just need to be better at putting the gym back into our daily routine, which usually takes a few weeks of getting used to the new schedule. Let's just hope and pray the kiddos stay healthy, because that's what happened in December, it was one sickness after another and I never got to the gym.

Today starts a brand new day, and I'm "back in the saddle" for the long run. My goal is to loose 60 lbs before Jess returns home from the middle east, which is sometime in the fall. Not only am I going to kick my own butt in the gym, but my eating habits now will be replaced by new and healthy ones. I'm hoping to keep my calorie count below 2,000 a day, and to intake healthy protein and taking out all the simple carbohydrates. Wish me good luck, because losing weight is not a simple task. However, I'm looking forward to a great end result and be a very hot wife when my husband returns home.


  1. You can do it!! I love going to the gym!!

  2. When I feel comfortable leaving D, I'll join you...oh wait, YOU'RE LEAVING!!! Way to go girl!

  3. Thanks girls...Christie, you have really inspired me to get my butt in gear...and Izzy, it's on come September when I'm back home. ;) Looking forward to shaking my bon bon with you (that sounds bad). hehe

  4. I know how you feel. If its not Andres getting sick. It's bad weather. Good luck! You CAN do it!