Monday, February 7, 2011

Military Monday

My good friend, gave me this wonderful idea. Every Monday, I'm going to post something "military" in my blog, it could be a photo, poem, article, etc. Today, I want to share my most favorite picture in the entire world. I captured this photo just moments after Jesse marched in the Veteran's Day parade. W was only 5 months old at the time.

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  1. Hi Leyna --
    So funny how small the "heart community" is -- I got linked to your blog through a heart baby named Parker Shanks (his mom listed your blog in her caringbridge update) and then in reading your blog, I see you had a post about Bodie. I am very good friends with Amy and Bodie's family! My son Townes has HLHS and has had all his surgeries at CHLA. Amy and I met when she was still pregnant with Bodie and have been close friends ever since (we only live 10 minutes away from one another!! =o) Anyway, just wanted to say hello, I love your blog, and feel like this community is such a great one (in addition to the heart community, my husband and I were also in the AF so we have another community in common.=) So happy I found you! Here is Townes' caringbridge site (I haven't gotten into blogging yet - I have five kids so little time left - but hope to someday!! =)

    Sara Hale