Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday To-Do

I have such a huge list of things to do before we make our trek back to my home state of Nebraska. I can't believe how fast February is just zipping on by. Anyway, I wanted to make my "Thursday To-Do" to help motivate me to get off my behind and get to my list(in no particular order).

  • Find a preschool for W, this is very important
  • Buy printer ink
  • Plan Ws preschool activities and fieldtrips (tomorrow is Bounce U for B)
  • Take photo of the boys for Valentine's Cards (yep those will be late as well...oops)
  • Work on two separate video montages for first birthdays
  • Plan P-man's first birthday
  • Plan baby sprinkle for a friend
  • Address and mail invites for said birthday and baby sprinkle
  • Organize the boys closets
  • Clean the house from top to bottle
  • Laundry
  • Strip the fluff
  • Stalk Etsy for birthday shirt and ideas
  • Interview Jesse to get his perspective on cloth diapering
  • Get cavities filled
  • Get toys, books, and baby crib sheets organized to pack
  • Breathe
  • Go to the post office to mail extremely late Thank You notes from Christmas (they have only been sitting on my desk for a month)
I have a feeling I'm forgetting things to add, but that's pretty much everything I need to accomplish in 4 short weeks. I wish I could just pause time for one day to get everything done, so I can relax.


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