Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Natural C-Section

Natural Cesarean Section?! You all are probably scratching your heads. I know I did, when I came across this YouTube video. It's not what you think, the mother did not have a csection without the use of drugs. However, she did get to experience a csection that pretty much mimicked a "natural" delivery.

How is that even possible, to "mimic" a "natural" delivery?! This form of csection is being used in the UK. It consists of course of an OBGYN, anesthesiologist, and a midwife. Yes, a MIDWIFE! The anesthesiologist places the spinal like he would in any csection, and the OBGYN makes a normal surgical incision into the uterus. Instead of lifting the uterus out of the mother to get the baby out, he "mimics" a vaginal delivery by finding the head of the baby, and lifting the head out first, shoulders, torso, legs, etc. This helps the baby "squeeze" out any left over amniotic fluid in their lungs (this normally doesn't happen during routine sections, which is why many babies experience respiratory distress, etc). By doing this, it only adds on about two extra minutes or so. While the OBGYN is lifting baby out, they drop the surgical drape, so the mother can witness her child being brought into the world. As soon as the baby is delivered, baby is then placed on the mother for skin-to-skin contact. The midwife is right there at the mother and baby's side, so both can be monitored closely. During the skin-to-skin contact, baby usually wants to try and nurse, which helps their breastfeeding relationship get off on the right "breast"...get it...breast...foot...breast...ya get it, right!? This is very important, because in many cases (my first csection included), breastfeeding after a cesarean can be challenging. Baby's cord is still not clamped and cut, which is another "natural" part of birth. It's only beneficial for the baby to still have two different sources of oxygen. It's finally clamped and cut (by the father of course) when the OBGYN removes the placenta from the uterus. Baby is still on mother's chest until it's time for her to be moved into recovery. During that time, that's when baby is placed into the father's arms for their height and weight check.

I think this "natural" cesarean section is wonderful, and should be performed here in the United States. Even though my second csection was way better compared to my first (you can read about W's birth story here: Birth Story) , I really wish I could of had that special bonding time. As much as I would like to attempt a VBA2C, that's just not possible, especially when hospitals are having a difficult time as it is accepting VBACS. Who knows what will happen when that third baby comes around... only time will tell.

As for right now, we can all enjoy being mothers-to-be, new mothers, mothers with experience, etc. We all know what's right for us and our children, because we are in control of our own destiny. Giving birth is such a miraculous experience, and I only wish for the best possibly labor and delivery for everyone. Sometimes, we have a few bumps in the road that will prevent that from happening, but being able to look into those baby eyes, smell that baby smell, and kiss those baby toes makes, whatever the delivery method, OH SO WORTH IT!!!!!!

Here is the video:


  1. This is amazing! My c -section experience was quite traumatic for me & I have to say I have only recently gotten over it, even after 8 months! It would be so great to have something like this done in the states. Thanks for a great post!

  2. That's awesome! C-sections totally scare me but this sounds a little less scary. Although, to me, the whole labor sounds scary no matter what! lol I'm just a huge wuss! :P

  3. this is so great. i wish i would have had the nads to tell them to keep the cord uncut for awhile. i had a vaginal, but still, i let them kinda do whatever after!