Friday, March 4, 2011

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

...Sometimes You Don't!

W finally had his food challenge this morning. He was challenging the hazel nut, the common nut found in Nutella. I was a nervous wreck this morning, because I could not be there with W. P-man is on the tail end of his RSV, and I didn't want to a. take him out in the weather and b. keep him on his nap routine, so Jess took W. I called twice within the hour to check to see how his body was responding. The doctor did another scratch test to compare to the last one, again this one was negative.

The food challenge basically is a method of ingesting small amounts of the tested food at a time, in W's case it was Nutella. If W has a reaction, the challenge is stopped and he would be considered allergic to that specific food. If not, he will continue through the challenge. If he tolerates a full serving without any reaction, W is considered not allergic.

After a few teaspoons here and few tablespoons there and a slice of bread with a full spread serving, W is NOT allergic to Nutella or the hazel nuts found in Nutella. This is wonderful news, because now W can have another source of added protein to his diet. Oh, and an added protein he likes, I must add!

We still have more challenges to go. W still needs to test walnuts, almonds, etc. More than likely, he will never outgrow his peanut allergy. His last follow-up scratch test to peanuts was worse, making for a more severe allergic reaction.

No one really knows the right answers as to why we see more food allergies in our children today compared to many years ago. I've read conflicting opinions as to why, one being an early introduction to nuts (before the age of 2). Of course, W wasn't introduced to peanuts until after his second birthday, and he still had a reaction. Not to mention he is also the first person on both sides of the immediate family to have a food allergy.

There is a 25% chance his brother can have some sort of food allergy, which can be to pretty much fish...peanuts...tree nuts...eggs...dairy, etc. We can already cross two off of that list, as we know his body tolerates eggs and dairy just fine. I really hope we never find out the hard way, and won't have to witness another child's allergic reaction to food. With that said, at least we know what to look for, how to react, and handle if an allergic reaction were to occur.

I will definitely keep you all posted on W's upcoming food challenges. One can hope and pray he handles the rest of the tree nut family just fine and his brother can live a normal life without the possibility of a food allergy.


  1. Yipee for not being allergic to Nutella!! It is yummy!!

  2. oh man allergies are tough!
    from ur newest follower from CDing bloggers members!