Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless{ful} Wednesday

This photo was taken this past Sunday, the six month angelversary of my friend, Lauren's baby boy, Caleb. I've mentioned him and his story a few times. He passed away after three short days on earth from HLHS. You can read about his story here: Caleb's Heart Story. Anyway, Lauren had mentioned she was going to release balloons in his memory, so we decided to do the same thing. We sure miss you, Caleb Thomas.

Lauren has also created, Caleb's Comfort Project. It's a basket project created in Caleb's memory. These baskets are filled with comforting items to help parents whom recently lost a child to HLHS. You can read more about Lauren's project here: Caleb's Comfort Project.

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  1. Wow.....I cant read blogs like this. It hits too close to home for me. I have gone over there a few times since you posted his story, but I just can't follow her......nearly losing a child has changed me.....a lot. So wonderful of you to be such a friend. Someday I hope to be able to help out other moms like me and who have gone through what I nearly did.....but not yet.