Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cloth Diapering Around the World

Cloth Diapering in Japan
By Amanda

About two months ago, I began cloth diapering my now 8 month old daughter. I took an interest in cloth diapering when my 2 year old was having a hard time potty training and I was sick of constantly buying diapers. As well, with two children in diapers, I hated all the waste. I felt like I our trash can was filling up every day with just diapers. I never considered actually cloth diapering here in Japan until a friend of mine got a diaper cover from a local Japanese department store as a baby shower gift. My concern with cloth diapering here in Japan was that I would have to order products online in the states and have them shipped to Japan. If I didn’t like a product, I would have to try another product, and again have it shipped. This seemed like a tedious and potentially expensive and timely process so I looked into buying Japanese cloth diapering products to see how I liked them.

I started out with 2 diaper covers and 5 cloth inserts. Day one was going great and I was really enjoying cloth diapering until a very messy diaper happened. I admit I got a bit discouraged but decided to give it a few more days. After a few days, I really got into it, and was even figuring out how to handle the messy diapers. I went back to the local Japanese kids store and bought 6 more diaper covers and 20 more cloth inserts. I also ordered a few helpful items from back in the states including a wet bag and some stain remover spray to help with the messy diapers.
The drawbacks I have found to the cloth diapering products here in Japan is that the diaper covers are either pink or blue. They have some wonderful prints, however, I would like some gender neutral covers for future children that I may have. Also, all of the diaper covers are very similar between brands. They all require a cloth insert and they all have the same Velcro fastening system. Back in the states, there are several different types of cloth diapers and several different types of fasting systems. It would have been great to have a little bit more variety here in Japan. And finally, the last drawback I have is with the cloth inserts. While I love how soft/absorbent they are, it is a bit inconvenient that they shrink. They are hang dry only so when I take them out of the wash, I spend a bit of time stretching them out. I know as my child grows, I am going to have to stretch them out even more.

Overall though, I really do like the Japanese cloth diapering products that I have and have had no real problems with them. I really have nothing to compare them to since they are all that I have tried and are all that are available here which is partially why I sent a diaper cover and cloth inserts to Leyna to review for me. I wanted to know how they compare to the products in the states so when I have to buy the next size of diaper covers, I will have an idea of what is the best and what may best go with the cloth inserts that I have.

*edited to add: Amanda and her family were (and still are) stationed at Misawa Air Force Base when the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. Their home sustained minor damage due to falling picture frames, etc. and were without power and running water for a few days. If you would like to help out and donate to the wonderful people of Japan, contact the American Red Cross.*

**Stay tuned for my personal review on cloth diapers from Japan. Also, please contact me at if are interested in becoming a guest blogger on my blog.**


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