Friday, May 13, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 3

My First Love
Relationships come and go, but truly loving someone has only happened to me twice before meeting my husband. I met my first love while I was still a senior in high school and he was a freshmen in college. I was really stricken by his blue eyes and his outgoing personality. He kind of helped me to break out of my shell a little bit. See, in high school I was never the type to stay out late, go to parties, followed everything by the book, and lived a pretty boring life (there really isn't anything bad about being boring, I promise)!

After meeting my first love, I was able to relax a little bit, go with the flow, and not be so uptight. However, I will tell you this, it is a little embarrassing... I remember going to my first college party, and of course alcohol was being served. Well, needless to stay the party didn't last long, because the police department was called. I was so freaked out about being either ticketed or arrested for being around people who were drinking that I actually hid in a back room under a bed. Of course, I looked like a huge nerd, but I had no idea that if you left peacefully with no incident, you wouldn't get into any trouble (well, except for the party throwers).

It was nice having the experienced college boyfriend, especially when I made my way into freshmen year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We cheered for the Nebraska Cornhuskers every Saturday together. He was able to show me around campus, give me the ins and outs, and was able to help calm my nerves walking amongst thousands of students and professors on a daily basis. I was definitely smitten by him in the beginning, and then fell in love.

The relationship didn't last more than a year, and it was definitely hard to stand on my own two feet again without him. Especially since we lived in the same dorm, shared the same friends, etc. I was so used to having someone by my side, kind of like he was holding my hand and leading me around during one of the most important and valuable times of my life.

We both went on to love again and to live along separate paths God created for us. We still chat every now again, and I'm very glad we can continue to be friends.


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