Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Easter....

W and I spent the Easter holiday with my parents and sister. It was a blast. W woke up to a beautiful Easter basket the Easter bunny left. It was filled with a book, new outfit, and Easter Pooh. After we all got ready for the day, my parents took us all out for a delicious brunch at Granite City, and boy was it yummy. W was in his Easter outfit for ummm.... about an hour before we had to change (if you know what I mean). After brunch, we headed back over to my parents house for an Easter egg hunt. W definitely had a blast, and enjoyed the fact the eggs made noise when he shook them (Papa filled the eggs with money). Here are a few pictures from W's 1st Easter. Enjoy!

We definitely missed Jess, and thought about him a lot. I know this is the first holiday to many he won't be spending with us. I think the hardest will be when William turns 1 year, which is in about 2 months..... crazy to think how fast time flies by. :)

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