Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring cleaning and then some......

Well, it's that time of year to start putting away winter clothes and getting things ready for warmer weather. I've been working hard over these past few days getting my house really spic and span. Plus, with us being sick off and on, I've been trying to disinfect everything from toys, to our furniture, the nursery, and playroom. I even took W's high chair apart and scrubbed real hard to get old food and crumbs that fell through his chair. I'm going to finish cleaning the upstairs, etc today. I found it's a lot easier with a baby to do one level at a time, plus I can really spend more time scrubbing, dusting, disinfecting, etc.

Speaking of W, it was kind of sad going through a lot of his clothes he's grown out of and putting them away. I can't believe he will be one in just two months. My sister, Katie, and I have been busy starting to plan his special day. I think we're going with a John Deer theme, because he loves pushing his toy tractor around his room. I'm also going to put up a website for his birthday where people can go and RSVP and look through pictures of him in a musical montage. It's great having a sister in the graphic design program (she's graduating in June). She even said she'll make his b-day invites. :) I'll try and make a picture post so you all can have a sneak peak. My parents volunteered to host the party at their house, because my backyard is a muddy nasty mess. I'm really hoping with the $45 I spend each month on neighborhood association fee, they will get some pretty good landscapers in here to fix the yard problem. I'm still up in the air of what to purchase William for his big day, but I think I'm leaning towards the Radio Flier covered wagon. I think he would really enjoy our walks more, because right now he's not too fond of the stroller.

Now onto a completely different subject..... I can't believe how sore I am. I've been trying real hard to knock off my baby weight and then some before Jess comes home in Feb. It's been an awesome experience being a member of the YMCA. I love the classes they offer, especially the boot camp class and power pump. I've been working out 5 days a week since the last week of Jan. Even though I haven't seen much improvement on the scale, I can really tell I'm losing inches, because my clothes are so much looser. Plus, my face is starting to look thinner, which is exciting. My goal is to be 60 lbs lighter by the time we move to Ohio next February, and to maintain my weight even through my next pregnancy (we're hoping to start trying in June of 2009). I know now what I need to do to make sure I don't gain so much weight in the 3rd Trimester. So, wish me luck! :)

Well, that's all I have time for right now. I really need to get a move on cleaning the upstairs, plus I think William is starting to stir from his nap. Anywho, toodles for now!


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