Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just trying to pass the time...

Okay, most of you know that Jess will be here on Friday, and I can't believe the huge to-do list I've created for myself. I know I did this on purpose, but wow...I'm just hoping I get all of it done. I've spent most of my week so far preparing for Jesse's return. I got all of W's laundry done, and put away yesterday. I also and time to work out for two hours last night. I worked again this morning, which was a piece of cake (it was so slow). After W's nap, we headed to Lost In Fun (definitely fun, but probably won't spend another $5 until W's much older), and Target was our last stop. I was out of some of my cleaning supplies, and I definitely need them for Thursday and Friday. I'm hoping to have this house sparkling clean for Jess. Plus, we're leaving for the lake on Sunday (after Jess and I attend the first Husker game, Go Big Red!), and I love coming home to a clean house. Anywho, this is my huge to-do list by Friday at Noon.

- Clean Kitchen
- Sweep and Mop floors
- Clean laundry room
- Vacuum entire house
- Clean powder bath
- Scrub W's high chair
- Finish my laundry
- Wash towels
- Wash sheets
- Dust entire house
- Clean master bath
- Dust W's and my bedroom
- Wash Rugs
- Put shoes away in garage
- Replace light bulbs
- Sanitize W's toys in playroom
- Clean fridge
- Wash W's carseat cover

Wow, does that seem like a lot.... crazy, crazy, crazy. I know this is a huge list, but it will definitely help me to just pass the time. :)


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