Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, we are officially treating W for asthma. He officially got diagnosed with asthma triggered by his allergies last month, but now they are saying he has a mild persistent form, not just with allergies. Last night was W's 4th flare up in three weeks, and Jesse called the pedi first thing this morning.

W had this awful cough for two days now, and last night he was coughing every 3-5 minutes. Around 4:30 am, W had a pretty bad coughing spell which prompted me to hurry to his room, and found him wheezing and breathing really fast. He was still pretty much asleep, so we ended up doing a breathing treatment as he slept. I then curled him up, and brought him into our bed. I hate being that far away from him when he's having breathing issues.

After speaking with the pedi this morning we are to continue using the Albuterol treatments along with a daily steroid inhaler, Pulmicort (also used with his nebulizer). They will do more extensive tests by a Pulmonologist when he's four or five. They can't really do the breathing testing until they're older. I'm hoping and praying to the good Lord upstairs W outgrows this. Asthma isn't fun to live with, and I know first hand.

Sorry I've been so behind with posts and W's Photopalooza. I'm going to try and get Easter pictures up here, as well as our picnic at the United States Air Force Museum. On a side note, we did have a pretty productive weekend of doing yard work and landscaping, followed by a Sunday filled with house cleaning and laundry. It was great just being able to relax with W with our PJ's on vegging in front of the TV watching "Cars". We both deserve it!!!!!


  1. I am so sorry to hear that William has asthma. I know my ped said that most children who get diagnosed as babies/ toddlers outgrow it by the time they are 5 (I think). Hopefully that is the case for William.


  2. I'm sorry to hear that William has asthma and that he needs neb treatments everyday. I really hope that he outgrows it quickly.

  3. Bummer, poor boy! I LOVE your new blog look! Hope other than the asthma that everything is going well. See you in a month! Yay!