Tuesday, April 7, 2009

W's Toddler Activities

Knowing that W will be 2 here very soon, I thought it was only appropriate to start doing activities to help with W's thrive to learn new things. Here are a few projects we had fun doing:

Activity name: Sorting Colors w/Pasta
Required Supplies: Muffin Pan and Tri-Color Rotini
Optional Supplies/Substitutions: Anything that has different colors, you could do varieties of beans, rice, etc
Preparation Time: 1 Min
Activity Time: Toddler preferred, W had fun w/it for almost 15 minutes
Instructions: Set up an example of what to sort in the muffin cans, go through the three colors (or more if you prefer), name the colors, and help them sort.
What your LO thought of the activity: William had a blast...he did an excellent job sorting after I assisted him w/the colors for the first minute or two, and he got the hang of it. After 15 min. he was done sorting, and wanted to play w/the pasta, so I let him just mix it all up.

Activity name: Yogurt Finger Painting
Required Supplies: Plain yogurt, colored icing to mix in w/plain yogurt (I'm not a fan of food coloring), white piece of paper, fingers, and some newspaper (optional) if you don't want your table to get messy
Optional Supplies/Substitutions: Paint Brushes
Preparation Time: under 5 mins
Activity Time: How ever long your toddler enjoys it
Instructions: Mix plain yogurt with the colored icing. You can do as many or as few colors as you like. You can either put them in separate bowls, or just put all three on a plate.

We are looking into preschool/montessori options for W come this fall. Right now I've been looking at various activities online and looking at various blogs of other mommies who plan toddler activities. One blog in particular I follow pretty close to is "Another Crunchy Mom" located at . Shannie, the writer of the blog always has fabulous toddler activities.


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