Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cleaning off the dust and clearing the cobwebs

Wow, it's been forever and a day since I've last blogged. I guess I'll blame the fact it's been hard to sit down for a few minutes and concentrate on writing what's been going on. Anyway, huge news in the S household...I'm currently 15.5 weeks pregnant (insert cheering and clapping here...HAHA). It took Jess and I exactly six months to conceive, and I honestly thought I was out that cycle due to the stress of Jess being admitted to the hospital for four days (long story). We will found out in a few weeks as to what we're having. W keeps saying there's a "baby sister in mommy's tummy", and I have a feeling it's a girl, but who knows?!?! We are 90% sure of the names, if it's a boy he will be Jackson, and if it's a girl, Ava Marie. It's not set in stone yet, especially since we still have about 5 months until gummy bear arrives.

15 Weeks:

Baby Gummy Bear at 13 weeks:

Everything has been good here. We went back to Nebraska for 4 weeks while Jess had training to attend to in Colorado Springs. It was great being back home, and it was DEFINITELY hard to leave. However, I was ready to be in my own house, bed, and W really wanted his train table. I really need to finish getting my Halloween decorations up, which I'm thinking I'll do tomorrow. I'm hoping we can stop by a Halloween store today just to look around and see if I can add anything to our decor. Oh, last night I got the opportunity to meet other Air Force wives in the community I live in, and it was a blast. My neighbor who is due with her 1st a few weeks before me included me in the girls night out. It was a lot of fun. I'm definitely looking forward to more nights like last night.

Well, this blog isn't completely dusted off yet, but I got a dent in it. We have to get the boys haircuts today, because W's hair is seriously out of control.

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  1. your little tummy is so cute and i love the names..Gray wants us to have a baby sooo bad so he can be a big brother. That would be kid #5 so i think not. we let him play with a baby doll instead! William will be a great big brother! So exciting!