Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear H1N1

Dear H1N1,

I want to thank you for all the worry you have caused since April. Not only do I have to worry about my 2-year-old child with asthma, but I have to worry about myself and my unborn child. It doesn't help that you have to make your appearance known on the front page of every national and local news outlet daily. I'm also not a fan of how many lives you have taken including at least 89 children. You have also taken mommies and babies from their families as well.

At this time, I'm supposed to be sitting here enjoying every second of my pregnancy as well as doing fun things with my son outside the home. Instead, I'm having to make sure I have enough hand sanitizer in my diaper bag and make sure we isolate ourselves from anyone who can potentially be sick.

You have seriously taken so much away from a lot of people, me included. I'm now trying to figure out if vaccinating my family against you is the best decision I can make. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm pro-vaccination, but do I fully trust the readiness of the vaccine who will protect us against you?! Not really! I hate the fact I'm stuck here making a decision that could possible cause harm to myself, my son, and my unborn child. Do I go ahead with the vaccine without the known LONG-TERM side-effects? or Do I take my chances in hope neither one of my family members comes down with you? If one of us comes down with you, are we going to be associated with the lucky 99% of people who have the mild form, or are we going to be apart of the dreaded 1% who are either hospitalized or die?

You have caused so many people to worry that our national government declared a state of emergency, causing hospitals to be flooded with people believing they contracted you. Hospitals are also changing their visitation policy's regarding children, and now my child won't get the opportunity of meeting his new sibling until we are home from the hospital. Don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful my newborn will be able to stay germ free during his/her stay with me. I wouldn't want to put any child in harms way of contracting you or any other illness for that matter. This is just another thing I need to worry about and or change (my birth experience, easy transition for my eldest, etc) , because of your unwelcome presence into this world.

I hope you take this letter into consideration and just disappear. You are no longer welcomed.


  1. Leyna,
    ((HUGS)) I'm sorry that you're having to be so cautious of H1N1. I can't imagine how paranoid I would be if I were pregnant right now. But luckily, you are cautious and prepared. I think that will help you in the long run. (I know we wash Skyler's hands every five minutes it seems!)

    I just wanted to stop by and say "hi" after I saw the link to your blog from facebook! (I didn't realize you had a blog!! I subscribed, because I'm addicted to blogs!)

  2. I am so glad I found your blog! I have to say I totally agree execpt for the being pregnant and having a child with asthma :). I hope you all stay healthy.