Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Half Birthday, P-Man

**Published a day after his 1/2 birthday**


Mommy can't believe you are six months old already...that's a half a year old!!! It's seems like it was only yesterday when Dr. G handed you over for me to give you your first kiss. I looked into your baby blue eyes and you instantly took my breath away. You were only teeny tiny then. Now, you have such a fun personality. You love to babble and kick your legs at your big brother when he's trying to play with you. You are saying mamamamamama, and even though I'm not sure if you are directing those mama's at me, I will take what what I can get. You are a pro at flipping from your tummy to your back...even though you haven't mastered the other way, I believe we're only days away from you going from back to tummy. Mommy isn't rushing you on that one, because I know that means you could start sleeping on your tummy. You are still breastfeed about 80% of the time with the other 20% going to one bottle of formula a day and some oatmeal/veggies. You got your first taste of freshly pureed avocado and LOVED it! Another big step for you was moving from your infant carseat to the convertible one. It's like night and day, you just love being a big boy in your big boy seat. You don't fight it, and you are so comfortable you fall asleep almost instantly. Mommy knows you are getting so big. You are currently working on few milestones like crawling and cutting your first tooth. I'm okay if you don't rush into those right away, because I want to keep you little as long as I can. Mommy is definitely looking forward to what the upcoming months has in store for us. P-man, you are such a wonderful addition to our family. We love you so much!!!!!!


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