Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Military Puppet Show

This week has definitely been filled with emotions. Being a wife of an airman definitely has its ups and downs. I definitely knew what I was getting myself into the moment I said "I do". However, there are times when I get so mad at how we are literally their puppets...we move where they want us to move...they control my husband's leave...and they can toil with emotions of an upcoming deployment...

Two nights ago my husband got word his name was third on the list of three deploying overseas and they would be leaving extremely soon. This was something we knew could possibly happen, but we knew things could change (this is the 2nd time they brought up deployment and my husband hasn't gone). Plus, my husband was supposed to be on a non-deployable duty for six months during his deployment window. We thought this all was a misunderstanding. Then yesterday morning, Jess got a phone call from the Captain in his shop telling him he was in fact scheduled to go. As soon as he hung up the phone we knew this deployment was happening and we only had a very short time to prepare. Jess had let them know of his legs and the fact he was on profile, however it was not mobility restricted. He got on the phone to reach his doctor to see what was going on...the fact he hasn't been able to run in a very long time...he knew his military days are probably numbered. Jess wasn't sure if he was even strong enough to deploy, especially since he had no idea what he would be doing. His Captain was going to let us know by the end of the day if we would be saying goodbye to Jess for six months. As soon as the phone heart sank...

Prayers were answered and with the help of Jesse's doctor they would be finding an alternate person to fill Jesse's deployment slot. I can't believe how close he was to leaving. Now, I understand military members deploy, some military members deploy every other six months, miss important family events, miss out on births, birthdays, anniversary's, etc. I just didn't think it was his time...he had already done a 365, however when the strings of the military puppeteers moves in your hubby's have no other choice but to be there to support, love, and be there with open arms for reassurance that everything will be okay. One thing being a military wife has taught me is patience, love, and how valuable time is.

I hope I can only continue to learn and grow, and no matter where the military strings lead us...I will only be that much stronger and accepting. It's only fair since they are providing us with a roof over our heads, dinner on our table, and resources only reached out to military families.

May God continue to watch and protect those serving here in the United States and afar.

God bless America!


  1. This totally sucks, but I do feel your pain. David has been told he is deploying two or .three different times. Now once again it's canceled, I wish they would just make up there mind. Emotionally it would be easier to know is he going or staying! Just praying more and more everyday that he stays.

    Emily Owens

  2. I'm glad it wasn't his time, but I know you can handle it when it is!! We are all stronger than we think when we need to be.