Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fluff Deal of the Day

Today's "Fluff Deal of the Day" can be found at Baby Half-Off. You can get a Ecobumz Supreme Stuffable AI2 for 57% Off.

What makes Ecobumz special (taken of their website):

"We have 6 lovin’ layers of yummy fluffiness including a top layer of organic bamboo velour, 4 thirsty layers of organic cotton/hemp blend and a trusty, durable built in cover that will keep everything in the diaper where it belongs...In the diaper!!!

Why shiny diapers you ask? Well, our diapers are unique. The outer layer is a recycled polyester polyurethane laminate. Its a fluid proof barrier fabric that is commonly used as a medical textile. The bonus for using this fabric in our diapers is that not only is it waterproof, it’s also non-wicking! That means no dampness around the legs or waist!

One thing we have learned for sure in our 4 years of diaper making, there is a snap team and an hook and loop (Velcro) team. And in most cases, they don’t play well together. But, we’ve got you covered! Our diapers are available in both! That’s right, ecobumz can be loved by all!

Ecobumz are the only organic stuffable All-in-one diaper, which means that not only are they uber soft with a built in waterproof cover, they also are stuffable! Each diaper comes with its own insert for extra protection made of 3 layers of bamboo and organic cotton."

Ready, set, shop!


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