Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gerber Generation

Saturday night, I was finally able to have my "Gerber Generation Houseparty". I won this houseparty by visiting/applying at, HouseParty. It took a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire/survey, but it was all worth it when I was selected to host and give out free stuff. HouseParty always has fun opportunity to host fun family events...from Fisher Price to Pull-Ups. They also have other party's geared towards cooking, video games, etc. It's pretty much a cheap way for companies to advertise and make their product aware to specific targeted audiences.

My party was postponed twice due to the stomach virus hitting our home and then changed due to a quick change of plans. I was only able to invite a certain number of women due to only having a certain number of supplies. I did invite a few more over the number, because I know it's hard getting attendance to 100%. Anyway, we had a lovely time chit-chatting about this and that, sharing all sorts of motherly advice, partaking in a game of "Gerber Generation" Jeopardy, and munching on tons of yummy food. We also learned more about the Gerber product through facts pointed out in the Jeopardy game. Here are the list of goodies that were handed out:

* Insulated Gerber® lunch tote
* VIP product coupons
* Gerber® bib
* Breastfeeding Basics Booklet
* Nutrition Guide
* 1 2-pack of GERBER® Organic SmartNourish™ 2nd FOODS® Purees
* 1 4-pack of GERBER® Infant Yogurt Blends
* 1 4-pack of GRADUATES® Yogurt Blends Snacks
* 1 GRADUATES® Smart Sips™ Dairy Beverage

It was a lot of fun, and would love to do something like this again. I think the only "HouseParty" I will try and win are the ones geared towards parenting and children. Let me know if you've ever won a "HouseParty", because I would love to hear how yours went.


  1. that is awesome! I might need to come to one of these soon ;)

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