Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fail of the Week

Okay, I thought every Sunday evening, I will reflect on my week and mention the one time I really "failed". That can be as a wife, mother, cook, friend, etc.

This week's "Fail of the Week" happened on Valentine's Day. Rice Krispie Treats are supposed to be easy, because you only need three ingredients...butter...marshmallows...and of course, the Rice Krispies. Well, if any of you know me, know that I'm not good in the kitchen, in fact, I pretty much stink. Well, I made that apparent when I burned the butter, one of the only three ingredients to Rice Krispie Treats. Thank goodness they still turned out okay, or maybe my family is just nice enough to just smile and nod.


  1. know, I had only made them once in October. It was my first time ever and they were sooo easy to make. So In Jan i was at my mom's house visiting. She lives in Arizona and a friend of mine's son was doing a bake sale to raise funds for the Tuscon shooting victims. I burnt the marshmallows and had to buy something to I know...I forgot the butter! LOL

  2. the great thing about husbands and kids is that they either don't notice or dont' care about those kind of mistakes!

    and if that's your biggest fail of the week, you're pretty blessed. :)