Friday, February 25, 2011

Fluff Friday

Fluff Tag Questioner

1. Why did you start cloth diapering?

I started cloth diapering primarily to save money. I couldn't believe the amount of money that we spent on disposables just to be thrown away. I found some really good deals on and and was able to start my cloth diaper stash without spending a ton of money. I couldn't believe how much we are saving (future blog post). Of course, helping the environment and lack of diaper rashes on P-man is an added plus!

2. When did you start cloth diapering (what age)?

I started cloth diapering when P-man was almost 8 months-old. It's a little later than normal, but it's never too late to start cloth diapering.

3. What is your favorite thing about cloth diapering?

I love shopping for new fluff. I just go nuts at all the different brands, types, colors, patterns, etc. It's seriously like purchasing a brand new pair of shoes (Here is my post regarding that: Fluff is the New Jimmy Choo) Plus, a baby booty covered in fluff has to be one of the cutest things ever.

4. Do you match your cloth diapers with your child's outfits?

Not really, however if he just hangs out in his fluff all day, I try and coordinate baby legs. :)

5. What is your favorite brand of cloth diapers?

bumGenius 4.0 one size pocket diaper. It's super absorbent, and I haven't had to strip them yet. It also happens to be the hubster's favorite dipe as well.

6. What is your favorite website to buy from?

7. How do you organize your cloth diapers?

I have a storage tote from Thirty-One where I keep the fluff I use the most, and that's stored downstairs. The other dipes are stored upstairs in P-man's dresser. I'm hoping to get a closet organizer to put all the fluff into, so it's a little more organized, but it's a work in progress.

8. One size or perfect size?

Perfect size in the Fuzzibunz, because it fits way better compared to the one size Fuzzibunz, plus it has a longer and thicker insert. With the bumGenius brand, both the one size and the perfect size(bumGenius 3.0 AIOs), seem to fit P-man perfectly. If I was to choose the best one size, it would be bumGenius and for perfect size, it would be Fuzzibunz.

9. Gender specific or gender neutral colors?

I have an array of both in my collection. However, I think the gender specific takes more precedence over the gender neutral colors (I have tons of blue). Plus, if we do have a third baby, it will more than likely be another boy. ;)

10. Who inspired you or how did you get into cloth diapering?

Quite a few people inspired me, the lovely ladies at the Cloth Diaper Channel over on YouTube helped a ton, plus a few friends here locally. I'm so grateful for my local friends, because they were able to not only point in me in the right direction as to what to purchase, but let me try some of their cloth dipes on P-man as well.

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