Tuesday, March 22, 2011

P-man's Birth Story

Birth Story

We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 a.m., and they began prepping me for surgery. It took them three pokes to get my I.V. started...OUCH! I started getting a little apprehensive about surgery since my first experience with W was awful (you can read W's birth story here: W's Birth Story). However, I started feeling a lot better after discussing all my worries with the anesthesiologist. After drinking that awful drink, etc it was time to walk back to the O.R. We started walking back, and was able to give W a hug and kiss before he became a big brother...I was a crying fool during this time. Got back to the O.R. and they started my spinal. It took them about 10-15 minutes to get it in. I had no issues with this whatsoever, and actually could breath. They gave me a little lesser dosage than the average, just because I'm pretty short, which helped the spinal stay where it needed to. I did get claustrophobic as my lower half was going numb, and got a little anxious. With the music blaring and all the staff (including my OB) singing along, I started feeling a lot better. I did feel a lot of tugging, etc, but overall felt really good. I didn't have much scar tissue from my first section, so it only took 15 min. into delivery to deliver P-man. They got him out, I heard clear fluid, and his blaring cry was the best sound in the entire world. After they got him out of my uterus, my doctor immediately gave him to me to kiss him a few times before tossing him over to the nursery staff. He was beautiful, and I was bawling a ton during this time. After doing his APGAR's, which were 8 and 9, the handed him over to my hubby, and he just kept P-man's head right by mine the entire time. The only time in the O.R. P-man wasn't by my side was during his initial assessments after he was delivered and when they weighed him. They finally got me all put back together and I was wheeled to the recovery room. My experience during my csection was awesome. I never had any issues with having any difficulty breathing, and never once got nauseated. While in recovery, P-man got to stay with me the entire time, and they brought a nursery nurse and warmer to my bedside. They did his first bath, vitamin K shot (not fun for mommy), eye gel, etc all in front of me while I was recovering. I even got to nurse him ASAP (with the help of Jesse...he had to hold him for me), and he latched for a good 30 minutes. I couldn't really hold him due to my shakes (which were resolved with a little help from demoral). I was in recovery for about two hours, and I was finally able to go to my room. I was there for three full days and two nights. My pain was managed by Motrin only, and I wasn't in severe pain. I'm very thankful for a great experience. Even though it wasn't a VBAC like I hoped and dreamed, it was still a very beautiful and moving experience for both my hubby and I.

Birth Video *graphic*

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