Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Up, Up, and Away!

Today is March 1st, P-man's birthday month. I can't believe he will be one here in 18 days. This past year has not only gone by fast, but has definitely taught me a lot as a parent. My patients has been tested far too many times, especially learning to be a mommy of two. P-man's first 6 months of life was challenging, especially when we couldn't figure out the right medicine to control his nasty reflux. This was very rough on the both of us, because nothing would comfort him and I felt helpless(not even diet change for 4+ weeks helped). Finally, after being switched to a third different type of reflux med(Prevacid), P-man's discomfort was eased.

With the challenges came many days of joy and happiness. I've definitely enjoyed watching P-man grow over this past year. He has helped me to become an even better mother and I feel complete having him in my life. Children are definitely a gift from God, and I thank Him everyday for for blessing me with two very healthy little boys.

With all this said, I've been busy planning P-man's first birthday. We're doing an airplane theme. I was very surprised by all the ideas and feedback that popped up not only from the search engine, but from many of my friends. One blog I have been taking many of my ideas from is the Tip Junky. I won't be going over-the-top like the parties mentioned on her site, but I'm taking many of the ideas and making them my own. Here is just a short list of what I have come up with thus far:

- Airplane shape made out of cupcakes (it's nice just having to tear them apart vs having to cut pieces)

Food ideas:

· Chicken Salad Sandwiches cut into the shape of airplanes (or purchase a 6' sub from Walmart)

· Cut up Fruit and place into an airplane shaped watermelon

· Chips

· Dip (Buffalo Chicken dip)

· Veggie tray

· Water

· Punch (Blue punch, with ice cream scopes to look like floating clouds), I'm hoping to find those plastic ice cubes shaped of course like an airplane.

· Tea


· Airplane Banner (already made by a good friend of mine)

· Table Cloths - Blue

· Signs (baggage claim for treat bags, Food court for the food area, check-in, terminal, etc)

· 3 balloons to each table tied down by a model airplane

· World Map (pins to place in map) and pilot wings (use check-in sign)

- Treat Bags (brown paper bags, ribbons, luggage tags):

· Candy airplane and airplane suckers (crossing my fingers these turn out)

· Stickers

· Inflatable Globe, Fun facts, model airplane kit?!

-The invitations and luggage tags will be created by my beautiful and very talented graphic designer, my sister!

- I'm also planning on having two different activity tables for the kiddos, one table will have a bunch of Airplane books for the kids to read, and the other table with have different coloring sheets of airplanes with crayons.

This is what I have thus far, and have a good idea in my head as to what I'd like his party to look like. I'm so excited to get started and of course, show you all the finished look of the party. Feel free to leave me any suggestions/ideas in the comment box, because I'm always up to hearing varieties of input.

I have exactly 18 days to start preparing, which seems a little rushed for me. With W, I had his party planned 3 months in advanced and things were already purchased and ready to go by this time with him. I really need to get my behind in gear and start! Wish me luck!

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