Sunday, April 27, 2008

Living in the moment....

Okay, I know I've become terrible at updating my blog, but life has been so busy for me lately. I haven't even had time to go onto my mommy message boards. I've been extremely busy with W, house cleaning, laundry, working out, having a girls night out, paying bills, and balancing the checkbook. Then, on top of everything else, I've been busy getting W's 1st Birthday video and invitations done and out. I really need to get his video done within the next week, but I really hate my editing software. It literally takes 3-5 min for my video to upload from my video file. I seriously wish we had a MAC right now with Final Cut Express. I worked on it for two days, and have only gotten 1 min and 30 sec. done...oh yeah and that's on the first song out of two. I really need to get some more motivation for patience on this video. LOL! Since I'm still on the topic of W's birthday. We have both decided to plan a John Deere Theme birthday. A week and a half ago when it was really nice, W and I went outside on the grass for a "John Deere Photo Shoot". He had on his overall shorts with no shirt and his John Deere tractor. W loves pushing that thing around, and it's so cute when he makes "tractor noises". Katie did an excellent job editing the photos to go along with the invitations she was making. I was so amazed by her talent in graphic design, because the invitations look fabulous. I was able to get them addressed and sent out soon there after. So, the only thing really I have left is to purchase birthday decorations, order balloons, order W's cake, finish birthday present shopping/wrapping, and finalize the dinner menu. I know that sounds like a lot, but as soon as I get all the RSVPs back it should only take a few hours to get done.

William and I have been trying to be more active in Lincoln Mommies. It's a group of stay-at-home moms who get together at least twice a week if not more with our kiddos. This past Thursday a good friend of mine organized a get together at the Pioneers Park Nature Center. Even though the weather wasn't cooperating, the mommies and kiddos made our day so bright. We went on a fun hike and W was able to witness his first turkey, owl, snake, turtle, and he even saw a bald eagle. He wasn't too fond of petting the snake, which was okay by me. I'm not a huge fan of snakes, plus I didn't know what kind of germs, etc snakes carry. We finished our hike with a picnic by the park. However, we didn't stay too much long there after, because W was getting tired. We are definitely looking forward to our lunch date with Lincoln Mommies next Tuesday at Applebees. We wanted to try and make some play dates this week, but they land on days where we can't make it.... it's either on swimming lesson day or the morning's I'm at the YMCA. W loves being around his new friends, and it's great for mommy to meet new friends too. :)

Oh, I almost forgot something that's pretty important. W got his first haircut this past Monday, the 21st of April, which happened to be his 11 month birthday. His hair was starting to get into his I wasn't a big fan of the baby mullet or the hair around his ears. So, I made the decision to get his haircut. We went to a kids salon called, Lollipops. W did such a great job, and didn't cry once. The hair stylist was pretty impressed with his behavior. We were able to take home clips of his hair, a balloon, and a Polaroid of his "1st haircut". We probably won't be back there again, since I paid $14 for a baby cut....yep that's right $14 smack-a-roos. He looks so much like a young man, and I can't get over how much he's looking more and more like Jesse. That's definitely not a bad thing, because my hubby is pretty handsome... :) Here's a picture of his new do, and of course if you look closely you can see his new upper tooth. He's cutting three more as we speak. Well, that's all I have for now, so I'm signing off. Hopefully, I don't get too lazy to post more blogs. Things will hopefully start to quiet down so I can make more time for this. I'm definitely trying to live the moment... if ya know what I mean?!?!

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  1. He is SO darn cute! Yes, lets try to get together soon. I am back the week of June 7th, so I will be around and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you and the little (big?) guy! I missed his 1st birthday! So sorry! I was traveling, and hadn't really been paying attention to the date, but HAPPY BELATED 1st BIRTHDAY WILLIAM! I so wish I could've been at the party! I miss y'all so much and hope to talk to you soon! much love dear!