Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Fun

Wow, I'm so sore today. We spent the entire day yesterday at the lake, and I made my 2nd attempt ever at wakeboarding. We don't own a speed boat, so I invested some cash to take a wakeboarding lesson from a professional through I had an absolute blast. Ronnie was quite impressed with my form, etc, so we decided to attempt a few tricks. First off, I've never ridden outside the wake, so that was my first goal. I was able to get out, but getting back in was a different story. I kept getting the front of the board caught on the wake, so finally after a few attempts, I was able to make it. Ronnie also had me practice a surface 180, where you have to place your weight over the center of the board, and in one smooth motion, you swing the board around leading with your rear foot. It was so fun trying to attempt and finally make the trick. I was so proud of myself. I made it through the lesson with only one pretty nasty fall.....which is why I think my upper body (back of my neck, arms, etc) is really sore. I am looking forward to the next time I get out on the lake....who knows...maybe I'll learn and make a tantrum... hehe.

W also had a blast yesterday with swimming and playing in the sand. He absolutely loves being out on the lake. I think one of his favorite things to do is going on the pontoon. He definitely enjoys sitting next to my grandpa (great-grandpa) trying to steer the boat. W was a little cranky yesterday during our boat ride, and I knew he was really tired. So, with his Nona's (my mom) help and mine, he fell right asleep. It was the cutest thing ever, and I wish I would've brought my camera onboard. However, I was able to take a few pictures of being out on the lake over the 4th of July:

We head out to Denver, Colorado this week, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. I'm so excited to embark on a much needed vacation. Plus, W will be able to enjoy his relatives company, and the sites around Denver a lot more, compared to last summer when he was only a few months old. My sister and I are planning on hitting Water World, which is a local water park attraction. Plus, I'm hoping to get W out to see the Denver Zoo. We're only there for four days, but I want to jam as much as we can in, especially since this will be our last trip out there for a while. I am sad knowing we're taking a vacation without Jesse, but I am happy to report he will be home on leave in 39 DAYS!!!! I'm getting so excited. Even though his plans to return home aren't on "offical documents", I'm pretty positive he'll be arriving home via United Airlines on Friday, August 29th. He will be home for around 25 days before returning to Korea for another 4 months. Feel free to join in the countdown with us!!!!

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  1. Hey Leyna! Just popping in to tell you how great you look! You should be soo proud of yourself! Wait till Jesse gets home, hubba hubba! And I love the pic of you and William together!