Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just A Dream

Okay, I just watched the Carrie Underwood music video, "Just A Dream". OMG...I'm over here just hysterically crying. I'm so lucky to have my Airmen here on earth, and the fact he's in South Korea and not in the war zone. I can only imagine the pain others are feeling whose loved ones are over there. My heart and many prayers goes out to all those who have lost a military member during this ongoing battle to protect our country. God bless to our men and women in uniform!!!!! I also wanted to yet again send my love and appreciation to my husband Jesse. Thank you baby for everything, and I'm so thankful for you not only as my life partner, but the father of our W and are children to come. XOXOX!

**The video isn't Carrie's music video, I just wanted everyone to hear the lyric and the message**

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  1. I heard this song on the CMAs last week and bawled through the whole thing too. My husband is also Air Force and stationed in Korea. I am so over the whole Korea thing. Deployments are cake compared to this. Hope you are hanging in there!